Paws 'n' Claws

Peace of Mind for Pets and Property

Rates & Services - prices as of 1st April 2013



Dog Walking

£5 for ½ hour or £7 per hour. (A fuel charge is also payable) 

Pet and House Sitting                                                   

Available from 1 hour up to 1 month. A £6 daily food/fuel allowance is payable to the Sitter in advance.  A full copy of our charges will be forwarded to potential clients in our enquiry pack.

All food and medication must be provided by the owner to maintain consistency and prevent accident or illness.

Whilst the fees quoted for Pet Sitting are more expensive than boarding kennels, owners must remember that only vaccinated animals will be accepted at these establishments.

Using a Pet Sitter provides a routine for your animal(s), security in familiar surroundings and prevents separation anxiety and distress.

As the Sitter stays on the property while you are away you also have the peace of mind that your house and contents are secure and that any mail, phonecalls and visitors are dealt with appropriately.

The Sitter will also undertake light household duties such as dusting, vacuuming and washing up depending on instructions given.

So you see, Pet Sitting is a 3-in-1 job.  You have a 'baby sitter', home security guard and a maid all in one package.  What boarding kennels can offer that??

Whilst Pet Sitting the property will not be left unoccupied for more than 3 consecutive hours during the day or for 1 hour during the evening.

Pop-in Service (Cuddle and Care)

Available for feeds, medication a fee of £6 per visit. (Plus fuel charge).

Puppy/Dog Creche

Sorry, not available at present due to dog fostering.

Pet Carrier Service

Similar to a taxi, exclusively for pets. Travel to and from boarding kennels, vets, even walks in the park. Animal carriage only due to licensing. Also available on a voluntary basis for charities.

Small Animal Boarding

Residential boarding for rabbits and guinea pigs while their owners are on holiday, in hospital etc. All animals housed in separate enclosures (unless normally living together). Plenty of space to explore in a secure area. Toys to play with and lots of fuss and love. Please provide all food and medication as necessary. Hamsters, gerbils, chinchillas and birds are also welcome. £5 per day.

Dog Boarding

Sorry, not available at present due to dog fostering. However, an alternative is available at Longlands Farm, Woodhouse Lane, Richards Castle  SY8 4EU, where I also petsit and run the kennels.

Basic Dog Grooming

Washing, drying, brushing and ear cleaning. Nail Trimming at extra cost.

Small dog - £10 ( Yorkshire Terrier, Pug, West Highland White etc)  

Medium dog - £20 ( Springer Spaniel, Border Collie etc)   

Large dog - £30 ( Labrador Retriever, Spinone etc)

X-tra Large dog - £40 ( Irish Wolfhound, Newfoundland, Bouvier etc)

Pet Laundry Service

Dog blankets and bedding, towels, any pet item that is machine washable, including jumpers and coats. Washing and drying service. Clients can drop-off and collect their own laundry or we can (at extra cost). £10 per machine load. PLEASE NOTE: ANY ITEM THAT IS FOUND NOT TO BE ANIMAL BEDDING or DRYING TOWELS ETC. WILL NOT BE LAUNDERED).


Owners are encouraged to meet the Sitter/Walker in advance to discuss requirements.  It is important that both parties are happy with what is expected and that they feel comfortable with each other. 

A Service Agreement, Client Detail Form and Pet/House Sitting Fee Sheet will be given to all clients before commencing any service.



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